Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sue Scheff: Helping Teens Through Horses - Haven Horse Ranch

During the month of July it is National Make a Difference to Children Month.  A time to recognize those that hare making a difference in the lives of children today.

Haven Horse Ranch is located in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida and offers several programs helping children learn Christian values and basic life skills to enhance their future.

About Haven Horse Ranch:

"Haven Horse Ranch believes that today’s youth lack opportunities to develop character and learn the consequences of responsible behavior. Haven Horse Ranch exists to present and model Christian principles to our youth, teaching the values of relationships, teamwork and individual character by building confidence and leadership."

Haven Horse Ranch is a 20-horse, nonprofit, working horse ranch. They use horses to teach children basic life's principles and Christian values. Haven Horse Ranch believe that better kids make for a better community. They exist to provide a safe, enjoyable environment where kids have fun learning about responsibility while growing in self-confidence.

Since 1990, Haven Horse Ranch have taught these principles to over 3700 youth through horse riding camps and clinics. These kids, ages 6-18, have seen their confidence and self-esteem grow and their character develop as they learned to be in control of and responsible for an 1100-pound horse.
Haven Horse Ranch also offers retreats for families.  Find out more about their parent weekends.  What a fantastic way to bond with your child or help with others.

During the month of July and always, try to find ways you can make a difference in a child's life.  You will be surprised, it is not only beneficial for the child, but you will feel good about it too.  Remember, children are our future.

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