Friday, July 16, 2010

Sue Scheff: Loving Your Teens - Hating Their Behavior

When it comes to parenting teens, many parents have said, "I love my teen, however I don't like them or their actions."  Does this make you a bad parent?

New York Magazine writer, Jennifer Senior, wrote a very compelling and thought provoking article.  "I Love My Children - I Hate My Life."

Although the article chronicles from baby age up through toddlers, many can relate to these families when dealing with their teenagers, as the feelings of disdain can become even stronger.  You have nurtured your child, you have given all you believe he/she needed - including the best you could with your time, and your teen is still treating you with disrespect and defiance?  What gives?

With today's fast-paced world, difficult economic times, as well as the society of peer pressure among teens that leads to dangerous behaviors, parenting is more challenging than generations earlier.

How do you find the balance?  The clich√© teens will be teens, is common, but how do parents survive these sometimes difficult times?

Knowing that there is light the end of the tunnel can help, talking to friends and family that have gone through it all, can also help you get through these bumpy times.  Remember, the teens years can be tough, but hopefully they do grow out of it and you will see your child leading the prosperous life you had planned for them.

In the meantime - don't forget it is important for parents to have "me-time" and there is nothing wrong with it.  It can help you be a better parent.  In the same respect, remember to be a parent first, then their friend.  Many parents miss this step and it can lead to difficulties in parenting with boundaries.

Be an educated parent, you will be a better one on the way.....

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