Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sue Scheff: Another Teen Trend - Audio Drugs

My teen is smoking cigarettes.  My teen is smoking pot.  My teen is snorting coke. My teen is huffing. My teen is shooting heroin. My teen is drinking alcohol. My teen is high on audio!

For years parents have had concerns and worries about their kids using drugs and drinking alcohol.  Quite simply, fear of our teens becoming addicted to substance abuse.  This is not only a very serious concern, it is a deadly oneParents in denial can only prolong getting their child the help they may need.

Here we are in 2010 and now we have a new concern, 'audio drugs', as reported by the Sun-Sentinel, are a concern for both parents and schools.

Sound waves that, some say, affect the brain like a drug -- and cost only 99 cents on iTunes and

Many scientific experts say they're unfamiliar with "digital drugs" -- sometimes sold under the brand name I-Dosers -- and doubt whether sound patterns could have the same effect as chemical drugs. But some parents -- and at least one Oklahoma school system -- worry that downloading these sounds could be a teen's first step toward physical drugs.

Multiple agencies and research institutes contacted said they were unfamiliar with I-Dosers. That includes the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the South Florida D.A.R.E. program and the Miami Coalition for a Safe and Drug-Free Community.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools spokesman John Schuster said school counselors haven't seen I-Dosers as an issue but are keeping it on their radar. The same was true for Broward County Public Schools, where Nadine Drew said the schools' investigative unit is looking more into it.

Sources: Sun-Sentinel, Miami Herald

Be an educated parent, you will have safer and healthier teens.

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