Sunday, September 5, 2010

Boot Camps Are Not The Answer

After talking with parents of at-risk teens for over a decade, one common thread is always prevalent - the immediate response from most parent is their teens needs a boot camp!

From here I have to start explaining that boot camps are punitive and many are primitive.  Chances are very good your teen will come out with a higher sense of resentment - and it will be targeted at the person that sent them there - you - the parent!

If you think you are teaching your teen a lesson - think twice.  Even if the do come out and seem a bit more reserved and even controllable - it is usually very short lived. 

Boot camps are not about building your child up to make better choices - they are about beating your child down.  In many cases, your kids are always beaten down, suffering with little to no self worth that is creating a negative environment and behavior. 

Finding a resource that will build your child back up to make better choices should be your goal.  At the time you believe you want them to be punished for their less than acceptable behavior, but in reality it is time to get to the root of the problem and start working through the issues to help them feel good again.  You remember, that toddler that made you smile - the elementary school child that brought home the artwork you have stored away somewhere.  We want our precious baby back.

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