Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sue Scheff: Rainbow Party - A game or party you don't want your teens to attend!

This is a sensitive subject and many will be appalled and disgusted, however as a parent, it is about being educated. Knowing what can be happening in your neighborhood, in your schools, or even in your own home - is your responsibility as a parent to stay in touch with your children and their lives.

"Rainbow Party" by Paul Ruditis, is written as fiction, however has a powerful message that many will be shocked to hear about. This rainbow party is not about homosexuals coming out, it is about sex and your teens. It is, in fact, an oral-sex party in which each girl wears a different color lipstick. In theory, after the girls perform oral sex on the boys, they would be left with rainbows around their penises.

Many parents have the sex talk with their kids. Many schools offer sex education. There are also many resources, websites and books that can help educate your teens to be better prepared when they do decide to have sex. But have you talked to your teens about the dangers of games/parties such as "Rainbow Parties?"

Questions that may arise and you will need to answer:

  • Is oral sex real sex?
  • Can you still be a virgin and have oral sex?
  • Why is this game dangerous to your child?
  • If one guy gives oral sex to another, is he gay?
  • How is oral sex fun for girls?
  • Why don't boys ever reciprocate the favor?
  • What are the symptoms of gonorrhea?
  • What is an STD?
  • How do you prevent STD's?
Although many would like to simply discard this article and subject, being an educated parent will make you better prepared and lead to safer and healthier teens.

Parents must watch video and read more about this troubling topic.

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