Monday, August 24, 2009

Sue Scheff: Inspiring Kids - Be an encouraging parent...

This past weekend I wrote about teens that inspire. The response was overwhelming. What I discovered was that there are also many kids that are not quite teens, yet they are full of inspiration and dedication to their causes. Here are only two of many! I will write another article soon about these amazing kids!

I have written about Kids are Heroes on another one of my Blogs, but it deserves to be recognized again. They are a growing group that continues to encourage and recognize kids all over the world. Did you know a 10 year old girl, Mary Margaret created this idea? Her encouraging father, Gabe, put it into action for her. The website is full of kids, parents, schools and others that are making a positive difference in lives today.
Don’t be shy, go ahead – nominate someone special today! Parenting a child in a positive direction builds self esteem and confidence, both emotionally and academically.

Another amazing kid is Jaylen Arnold! Only 8 years old and on a mission to STOP Bullying! His story is one of courage and strength. He is determined to stop childhood bullying, especially for kids with special needs as himself.
I also Blogged about him recently, but like Kids are Heroes, we need to keep the positive energy flowing and more parents and people need to take an awareness to what young people can accomplish!

Remember: Kids, tweens, teens – they are our future! Let’s keep driving them in a positive direction! All these kids, and others, are making a difference. Help support them – visit their websites and follow them on Twitter!

Follow Kids are Heroes @KidsareHeroes and on Facebook.

Follow Jaylen @JaysChallenge

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