Thursday, September 9, 2010

Scholarships, Scholarships and More Scholarships

With today's economic times, financing your teen's education is becoming more difficult.  As many teenagers are entering their senior year of high school, many more are busy filling out college applications.  Some are being stung by sticker shock: Just when you have digested the tuition, you realize you have dorm, food, books and more to pay for.

Now is the time to start applying for scholarships.  Even if you are not that 4.0 student, or are not gifted with a strong athletic ability, there are literally many scholarships for a variety of different interests, themes, personalities and more.

Service clubs, companies, and charities give out about $2 billion in private scholarships each year. Roughly 1 million students receive these monies—meaning 1 out of 13 students wins a scholarship. The average of these scholarships is $2,000.

Visit and you will find some of the strangest and wackiest scholarships out there.  Whether it is for $500.00 or $5000.00, every little bit helps.  They also list academic and athletic monies that are available.  It just takes your time and creativity to apply.

Here is an example of what is available:

For Vegetarians Only:
Calling all veggie-lovers around the world! Two health-conscious winners will be awarded $5,000 in scholarship money from the Vegetarian Resource Group. But be forewarned: unless you love your legumes, this scholarship is not for you. Eligible applicants must not only exemplify a healthy lifestyle, but also promote vegetarianism within their community too. For more information visit:

For Tall People:
You’ve got Michael Jordan’s stature but you’re about as agile as a water buffalo. That’s okay with Tall Clubs International! Males over 6’2” and females above 5’8” are encouraged to apply. The reward is no small (pun intended) amount either; awards a whopping $1,000 scholarship to the winner. Find more info at:

For Plus Sizes:
Say goodbye to the cabbage soup, grapefruit only, or south beach diets! The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance encourages “fat” people to apply for one of their two merit-based scholarships. The scholarships, offered to already-existing NAAFA members, awards $1,000 for first place, while the second place prize is $500. For more fat-friendly information regarding the scholarships, go to:

For The Next Generation of Klingons:
Trekkies, leave your capes, figurines, posters and other memorabilia behind. Just bring, well, yourself! Klingon Language Institute, Iin an effort to promote language study, awards one lucky winner a $500 Kor Memorial Scholarship—but don’t worry, fluency in Klingon is not a requirement. Check out the requirements for this scholarship at:

There are many more. Learn more, click here.

Source: FastWeb

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