Friday, September 24, 2010


Let’s face it – parenting teens today can be challenging.  Whether it is the accessibility of drugs or the blatant disrespect many teens have for authority, parents are reaching their wit’s end when it comes to their teenagers.

An out-of-control teen can upset the entire family. Is that fair to the sibling?  Is it fair to the parents?  As many families are struggling with today’s economy, possible job loss and even losing their homes, the stress of parenting can be overwhelming.

Many teens believe it is normal to smoke pot on a daily basis.  Some parents even go as far as to say, well they did it in their teen and college years - but do you know what marijuana is laced with today?  Why are more kids becoming addicted to this?

In many situations seeking outside help is the only answer.  After you have exhausted all your local resources, even tried sending your teen to a relatives to live – and some may have even tried a scared straight program only to find it is very short term results – if any.

Now you are faced with the daunting experience of surfing the Internet to find help.  Doing your research is a priority.  Learn from my experiences – and visit for valuable information to help you sift through the many toll free numbers, marketing arms and in some cases, scams when it comes to this confusing – “teen help industry.”

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