Monday, March 2, 2009

Sue Scheff - Preventing Internet Crime Against Children

Violence against children is completely preventable!

Get Angry And SAVE A Child.

Reporting Online Crime Against Children

Keeping kids safe from harm and violence is up to everyone of us! Be Informed ... Be Involved ...Make a Difference in a Child's LifeViolence against children only ends when a child comes forward or a concerned person recognizes the warning signs and reports the abuse.
Sometimes, people may fear getting personally involved or they may be in denial of a child they know who is being hurt. Child violence is a problem on the national and local levels that requires action in the form of caring individuals in each community.

And now the Internet has become a real danger to kids of all ages.

A person’s actions, or lack of action, not only affects the abused child, but everyone in our country. Click Here To Report Non-Online Violence Against Children

Reporting Internet Crime

The Cybertipline handles leads on a variety of Internet criminal activity and is forwarded to law enforcement. Learn what you can do if you suspect illegal or dangerous activity online.
You can file reports at or call your local police force or law enforcement agency, i f you know a child who is in danger or at risk of an online crime

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