Friday, May 16, 2008

Sue Scheff - Wit's End! A Mother and Daughter's True Story and More

"I have just finished reading Wits End, and I strongly recommend this book as an official source of valueable information for families dealing with their "at risk teens," as well as those seeking inspiration, and those who need reassurance that there is hope, as well as knowing, they are not alone. Before Wits End, it was such a complex task, to find trusted and respectfully honest information, pertaining to how to research and be preparedly equipped to find vital information in this situation that so many families face. Sue Scheffs' willpower to spread her priceless yet difficult lessons that she learned through her and Ashlyns' experiences, in order to help others avoid making the same mistakes, is such a prime example of what it is to be an admirable, strong, and inspirational heroic figure in this lifetime. Sue is one who keeps me motivated and remain confident, no matter what "roadblocks" come my way, and I know that by reading her book, Wit's End, and allowing yourself to step into the words in this book, many people will be able to find consolence, inspiration, strength, and also gain knowledge that is ever so crucial."

by Kristin Stattel (pictured above)

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