Thursday, May 12, 2011

Teen Texting - Parent Communication

"TXT 2 Connect with Teens"
Parenting teenagers today can be a challenge - and one of the biggest hurdles is parents keeping technically in touch!  Do you text yet?  Believe it or not it can help with communicating with your teen.  This doesn't replace speaking with  them, but can get you an answer fast and easy.

A Great Way to Connect
• You get quick responses from your kids.
• Kids are more apt to respond to text messages than phone calls when they’re with their friends.
• Help your child gain independence while still staying connected.
• Text messaging can be used to strengthen parent child bonds, and it can let kids know their parents are thinking of them.

The ABCs of Texting
• Take out vowels.
• Replace words with symbols and numbers.
• Use sounds to represent words.
• Use abbreviations and common words.
• Don’t use all caps unless you are mad.

A Parent’s Guide to Texting

For more information on how to stay safe with AT&T, please visit

Popular Text Messaging Lingo

• CUL8R = See you later
• TY = Thank you
• IMO = In my opinion
• CYR MA/PA = Call your mother/father
• DBL84DNR = Don’t be late for dinner
• KIT = Keep in touch
• TTYL = Talk to you later
• POS = Parents over shoulder
• PIR = Parents in Room
• P911 = Parent alert
• KPC = Keeping parents clueless

Text messaging is a central force in the way tweens and teens connect with each other.
To stay in better touch with their kids, parents can embrace the texting trend.

How to Send a Text Message

• Choose the “text” option on your phone’s main menu.
• Type your message using the key pad
• Enter the 10-digit wireless phone number address of recipient.
Hit send!

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