Sunday, January 30, 2011

Homeless Teens is a Growing Problem in the U.S.

Cast-offs, teens that are homeless and in a desperate search for a home.

Shocking statistics of the number of homeless teens that are living on the streets of the U.S.
According to ABC News 20/20 report, there are teens in our country that are slipping through the cracks.  Many are not drug addicts or even bad kids, but their home life has become unbearable or their parents had lost their home.

20/20 followed four teens for the past 14 months and the journey was frightening and very sad.  From a teen, George, that was literally put on a Greyhound bus with $50.00 in hand to be sent with a relative that didn't exist, to another teenager that is struggling with his sexual orientation and not getting the support she needed to the point of several suicide attempts.

You may think that the boy that was put on the bus was in trouble, defiant, violent or abusive at home: Not true.  He simply was rejected by his own family.  George, against all odds, found a youth shelter and got his life on track in spite of the rejection.  He graduated High School and now attending college.

To watch his story and the others, watch the video.

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