Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sue Scheff: Teens Taking the Guard Fit Challenge Program - Get Healthy Today

We are hearing more about childhood obesity and teen obesity. More and more teens and kids are technically connected however not getting outside and exercise! Summer is almost here and it is time to get involved in physical education. During Physical Fitness Month, take the time to learn more about staying healthy and eating right.

The Guard Fit Challenge and the Physical Fitness Month

Did you know that May is National Physical Fitness and Sports month? What better time than the present to begin to help your teens understand the value and benefits of being physically fit. And thanks to the Army National Guard's Guard Fit Challenge, helping your teen set and achieve fitness goals has never been easier.

Fitness Resources for Students, Young Adults, Teachers, and Parents

Whether you are a student who is starting to think about fitness, a young adult passionate about reaching your fitness goals, a teacher who is looking to inspire students, or a parent looking for additional resources to help improve the health of your family, the videos, calculators, and other resources offered by the Guard Fit Challenge Program can help you reach your goals.

Celebrating Presidential Physical Fitness Month

During this Presidential Physical Fitness Month, why not spend some time exploring all of the resources that are available to you. Schools can bring the Guard Fit Challenge Program to their students. Students and members of the community can access resources on the Guard Fit Challenge website. And everyone can learn more about The President's Challenge.

Common FAQs about Guard Fit Challenge:

Q: The students in my physical education class are on many different fitness levels, and some may not be able to do all of the exercises in the program. Can they still participate?

Guard Fit Challenge is designed to benefit and motivate every student in your class. The Army National Guard representative is prepared with alternate exercises for students who may not be able to execute some or all of the planned exercises. The presenter also talks to the students about avoiding injury while working out, and makes sure to ask if anyone has any injuries or conditions that need to be considered before participating in Guard Fit Challenge.

Q: What curriculum standards can Guard Fit Challenge help my school meet?

Guard Fit Challenge offers high schools the opportunity to meet national standards including Movement Forms, Physical Fitness, and Setting Goals for Good Health. Visit the Curriculum Standards section of this website to learn more.

Q: I don't want to join the National Guard, so why should I care about being Guard Fit?

No matter what path you take, physical fitness enables you to perform to your potential. Participating in Guard Fit Challenge can help you develop a new physical fitness routine, improve the way you work out, and set a foundation for a healthy future.

Q: I'm an Army National Guard Soldier, and I need a fitness boost before my next APFT. What resources are available to me?

In addition to the health and fitness information on the Guard Fit Challenge website, you can also join the Army National Guard Decade of Health community to learn more about Soldier health and wellness. And be sure to check out your copy of GX magazine for monthly fitness features, and get in touch with your local Master Fitness Trainer, who can offer personal fitness advice.

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