Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sue Scheff: Bullied Nearly To Death - Isn't it time to start SAVE in your schools?

Although March 26th, 2010 marked the end of National Youth Violence Prevention Week, the campaign against school violence and violence among teens continues.

Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) is a non-profit organization that promotes the virtues of civility and respect by helping students of all ages learn how to care for other people. SAVE's mission is to decrease the potential for violence in schools and communities by promoting meaningful student involvement, education and service opportunities in efforts to provide safer environments for learning.

Josie Ratley, an eighth grader in Deerfield Beach Middle School, is one of the latest victims of violence. She remains in critical condition and in a medically induced coma at a Florida hospital. Her family's attorney says doctors are optimistic after two surgeries to relieve pressure on her brain.

Broward County Sheriff Al Lamberti said, "It seems like with this youth violence happening, it seems like we have a culture of callousness going on with kids. We really have to get to the bottom of it." - CBS4

Last October, Deerfield Beach Middle School student, Michael Brewer was victim of a heinous act of bullying and violence. With over two-thirds of his body burned by being set on fire by other teens, he miraculously is healing and is an example of perseverance.

Josie Ratley and Michael Brewer were once simply students that shared a science class together, today they have a mutual bond that, thankfully, few can understand - being bullied nearly to death.

Isn't it time your school started a SAVE program? Learn how to start a chapter today. To assist potential or new chapters to get started or to aid established chapters of SAVE in their overall organization, The National Association of SAVE has created a useful planning tool for exclusive use by you and your SAVE chapter. Simply download the Getting Started information for immediate use!

Students Against Violence Everywhere will be happy to mail you a free introduction packet that includes sample activities, pledges, crime prevention and conflict management information, as well as information on service projects. Many of these items can be found in the SAVE Sampler . One tool that has been very beneficial to SAVE chapters is the SAVE Essentials Manual, a 200+ page manual full of ideas, lessons, and violence prevention strategies.

Be sure to register your SAVE Chapter! For more information, email , or call toll free number at 1-866-343-SAVE and request the SAVE Sampler.

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