Monday, November 16, 2009

Sue Scheff: 7 Deadly Parenting Styles

As Part 3 continues in my series about Dr. Michele Borba's Big Book of Parenting Solutions, we explore detrimental parenting styles.

"Take a minute to review each style and be brutally honest. Might any of these be what you're using as a parenting approach? If so, here is a crucial point to know: before you change your child, you must first change how you respond to your child. Might your parenting approach need altering first?" - Michele Borba.

Here are the 7-deadly parenting styles with a brief header. You will have to order this book to find out the answers! That is what a sneak peek is. For every parent out there, this is a must have in your parenting library. If only they gave you this book out when your child was born, it could have saved us a lot of bumps and potholes.

Deadly Style 1: Helicopter Parenting - Hoover over your kids, hurrying to smooth everyone of life's bumps.... (continued on page xxii in the introduction)

Deadly Style 2: Incubator "Hothouse" Parenting - Pushing your kids into learning earlier than appropriate for their cognitive age and developmental level... (continued on page xxiii in the introduction)

Deadly Style 3: (Quick-Fix) Band-Aid Parenting- Relying on fast solutions to temporarily fix a problem instead of aiming for real, lasting change.... (continued on page xxiv)

Deadly Style 4: Buddying Parenting - Placing popularity with your child above establishing limits and boundaries or saying no.... (continued on page xxiv)

Deadly Style 5: Accessory Parenting - Measuring your worth and success as a parent on the basis of your child's accolades... (continued on page xxv)

Deadly Style 6: Paranoid Parenting - Obsessively keeping your child safe from any physical or psychological harm... (continued on page xxvi)

Deadly Style 7: Secondary Parenting - Relinquishing your influence such that your children's world is controlled more by outsiders, including corporations, marketers, and the media.... (continued on page xxvi)

Next sneak peek: S-E-X, yes that dreaded parent/child conversation is here (page 394) - don't miss this!

For those that don't have time to read, this is the perfect book for you since it is not the type of book you sit down to read. As parenting questions come up, you can go straight to the index and find the page number. Immediately you will see the pages divided by boxes, quick tips and advice and easy to read and understand resources. Did I mention she also gives you proven research and statistics?

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