Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sue Scheff: Parenting Teens Info

Another informational website for parents raising teens. Parenting Teens offers resources such as podcasts, books, articles, Blogs and other valuable insights on raising teens in today’s society.

Sue Blaney empowers, educates and connects parents of teenagers. She is the author of Please Stop the Rollercoaster! How Parents of Teenagers Can Smooth Out the Ride, the acclaimed guide for parents and parent discussion groups that has helped thousands of parents around the country improve relationships with their teens.

Her popular blog and websites http://www.pleasestoptherollercoaster.com/ and http://www.parentingteensinfo.com/ feature valuable content including free parenting articles, podcasts, tips and newsletters.

She is a frequent speaker and advises parents of teenagers, secondary school educators and faith-based educators in ways to increase parent engagement, improve communication and create parent discussion groups. With a background as a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst, Sue is a communications expert and has spent 30 years in training, marketing, publishing and sales. She is the founder of ChangeWorks Publishing & Consulting Co.

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