Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sports and Your Teenager

Encouraging your teen to get involved in activities is important.

During the winter months it can be difficult, however there are many sports that still are available.

Being a part of a team or simply being involved helps build character and self-esteem.

Today, athletes often feel they have a right to break the rules as long as they win the game.

Teaching children sportsmanship is one way to help them build character. To be good sports, children need the ability to:
  • Win without gloating.
  • Lose without complaining.
  • Treat the opponent and the officials with respect.
Those are good qualities for children to display in the classroom and in the family room as well as on the playing field.
If you want to help your child become a better sport, ask her if she:
  • Always abides by the rules of the game.
  • Tries to avoid arguments.
  • Shares in the responsibilities of the team.
  • Gives everyone a chance to play according to the rules.
  • Always plays fair.
  • Follows the directions of the coach.
  • Respects the other team’s effort.
  • Offers encouragement to teammates.
  • Accepts the judgment calls of the game officials.
  • Ends the game smoothly.
How many of these things does she do? What things does she need to work on?

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