Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sue Scheff: Teen and Youth Violence

Teen violence and youth violence is becoming too common.It seems we can't turn on our news without hearing about a violent incident including teens and kids. Over the past month our community has been grieving over the shocking attack on 15-year-old, Michael Brewer, who was doused in rubbing alcohol and set on fire by other teens. This happened in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

More recently our attention is in Coral Springs, Florida where 14-year-old Matthew Gorzynski was stabbed to death by his 15 year old brother. Matthew was a student at Taravella High School. Police said he and his older brother, William Gorzynski, 15, also a student at Taravella High, got into an argument at their Coral Springs home about the noise level on a home computer on Monday. Police said William Gorzynski grabbed a kitchen knife and fatally stabbed Matthew.Both of these stories are tragic and cry out for more education on teen violence, bullying, teen aggression, rage and more. Both parents and educators, as well as everyone that works with children, need to learn more about preventing violence and how to detect warning signs.

I am listing resources that can help you help today's children and possibly prevent another act of violent behavior.

MADE Coalition (Moms and Dads for Education to Stop Dating Abuse): Dating violence is a growing concern that parents need to be aware of. Tips for Teens, Teen Resources and more.

Love Our Children USA: Teen Violence PreventionDon't allow our news to continue with these horrific stories, take a stand, learn more about preventing violence and be proactive in your school and community.

Be an educated parent, you will have a safer teen.

Is your teen at risk or need outside help? Visit Parents Universal Resource Experts.

Updated news on this story visit Miami Herald UPI, NBC Miami.
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