Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sue Scheff: Build a connection with your middle school child

Author of A Parents' Guide to Middle School Years, Joe Bruzzese offers parenting podcasts. Check them out - they are very educational and always something new for parenting today's kids.

While listening in on a mother-daughter conversation today I overheard the young girl say, “Alright it’s summer. When does the fun start Mom?” To which her mother replied, “Well, we are going to take a vacation in three weeks, but I need to work.” With a frustrated grin, her daughter turned and walked away. When kids hit summer they equate the words, summer break, with fun. Fun typically means vacation, camp, trips to the movie theater and time spend with Mom and Dad. Finding time to spend with your child during the summer months helps to strengthen your connection. Planning for a short trip or outing with your child in the hours after the workday or on the weekend has a dramatic impact on the connection you will continue to build in the coming years.

Does your middle schooler have you completely confused, frustrated or confused and frustrated? I would love to hear from you? Send me an email with your story. joe@thinking-forward.com

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